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Looking to insure your home, vehicle or business? Lang Agency Inc. has you covered. We offer a wide variety of insurance packages. By reaching out to an insurance agency, you can save yourself a lot of stress and energy in the long run.

Get the policies you need at prices you can easily afford. Buying insurance is the smart thing to do because it helps you plan for the future. Don't let yourself get caught without a plan. We offer a variety of plans that include life insurance policies, commercial insurance products, & crop insurance.

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You don't want to pick an insurance plan without knowing the price beforehand. With us, you'll always get insurance quotes so you can make the right decision. We'll be upfront and honest with you about every plan available.

We offer many different insurance packages, including:



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What makes Lang Agency Inc. the right choice for you?

The insurance plan that makes the most sense to you probably isn't the same one that makes the most sense for your next-door neighbor. Lang Agency Inc. understands this and takes your personal situation into account. We aren't going to try to sell you on a plan that doesn't fit your lifestyle. We sell the insurance that's right for you. That personal connection matters.

We've been setting people up with insurance plans since the 1950s. Our experience speaks for itself. We serve the whole Springville, IA area, including Cedar Rapids, Anamosa and Marion, IA.